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What I ate in LATVIA – A Food Journal

Riga has my heart and after my visit, my stomach as well! My heart because I love Art Nouveau architecture and Riga has the highest concentration of Art Nouveau buildings in the world. My stomach because I loved all the food that I ate in Riga, simple as that.

From finding the greatest chicken meatball ever to eating a handful of old fashioned sweets, my list of “What I ate in LATVIA – A Food Journal.”

The Perfect Chicken Meatball at Kolonade Restaurant

It was the darling one story columned house across the LAIMA sign that caught my eye and I did a double take. I  thought the building looked interesting and realized that it was Kolonade restaurant. I had no idea what food they served at Kolonade but I wanted to eat there. I waited several minutes before they opened and was the first one in. Actually I was the only one inside for awhile which was great, as it gave some quiet time before I started my afternoon of sightseeing.

To cleanse my palate and refresh my system, I decided on the “Water with Fruits” because it sounded delightful. I was also quite parched and it was a warm morning, plus I had just walked a couple of miles through the city. It was simple sliced oranges in a carafe of water, it looked and tasted wonderful.

I decided on the Chicken Meatballs and asked for vegetables instead of pasta. The spinach leaves and diced root vegetables were prefect because I did not want anything too heavy. The chicken meatballs were outstanding. I have never tasted chicken meatballs this good before! If you look closely, you can see the texture of the ground chicken. The meat was fresh and did not look mechanically ground like in the States. They were perfect and so delicious.


It is a rarity if I skip over dessert even during lunch time, especially if I am eating at a restaurant serving gourmet cuisine. I had glanced at the dessert menu and was leaning towards the crème brulee. Then my helpful server confirmed my thoughts after she suggested it. The crème brulee at Kolonade was perfect as the texture of the custard was lighter than what is typical in the States. The presentation was beautiful and it tasted just as nice.

For location and restaurant information, please visit their website – Kolonade 


Laima Candy – Sweets Since 1870

As most of you know, I always gravitate towards food or an eating establishment with history. For example it could be the oldest restaurant, the oldest bar or in this case- the oldest candy company. Laima Candy is based out of Riga, Latvia and became the largest candy manufacturer in the Baltic States and Russia. With all that mentioned, it was obvious a visit to a Laima Sweets was high on my To-Do list.

While at Laima, I learned the ‘Serenade’ pieces were the most popular and famous. No surprise though, I found all the sweets that I chose to be delightful and loved all the colorful little wrappers.

For locations and sweet shoppe information, please visit their website – LAIMA


It’s Double Coffee Time

While I was wandering Riga, I noticed Double Coffee’s around the city and thought I should try it before I left. I had time before my free walking tour so I dipped into one and ordered the Chocolate Coffee Fresca. It was a tall glass of creamy and chocolatey coffee- it was very EXTRA! It was exactly what I needed before a two hour walk around Riga.

Double Coffee is a popular coffee house that is based out of Riga, Latvia and has many locations throughout the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It is a comfortable place to grab casual food, a fun coffee and a bit of Wi-Fi.

For information and locations, please visit their Facebook page- Double Coffee Latvia


Champagne Sunday Brunch at Biblioteka No 1

Within the gorgeous tree studded Vērmane Gardens, there lies a two story windowed structure and behind those windows is Biblioteka No 1. On the Sunday morning that I was strolling through the gardens, I had spotted Bibliotea and thought that I should check it out after my morning walk. I had no idea that this posh and tasteful restaurant was offering a Champagne Sunday Brunch Buffet. I had just walked right into it- Thank you intuition and thank you Universe!

From the tasty bites in an upscale setting to the friendly service- Biblioteka in Riga was an outstanding restaurant for brunch.

An impressive glass of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, a favorite of the late Marilyn Monroe.

Seafood offered- Shrimp Skewers, Oysters Rockefeller and Raw Oysters,

Savory Little Bites of canapes, toasts, salads, fresh breads and charcuterie.

A very impressive Dessert Table

From the top-notch champagne pour to the gourmet buffet spread, Biblioteka No 1 in Riga was a magnificent way to spend a few hours in Riga, especially as a hungry gastronome. 😉

For Restaurant information and locations, please visit – Biblioteka No 1


Winding down with Tea

At this point in my trip through Europe and the Baltic States, I think I started to shift over to tea which is common for me. Do not get me wrong, I still had a coffee now and then but there were times that a pot of tea was in order.

Many countries in Europe serve fresh mint tea in a proper pot which I love. Fresh mint tea which is straight up mint leaves steeped in hot water, is very good for the digestion. It is  wonderful especially after a full meal. I do love me a bit of tea time!


🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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