What I ate in SLOVENIA – A Food Journal

After traveling for six weeks straight and visiting thirteen countries, memories start blending into one big blur. Fortunately due to my photo journaling, a detailed iteniary, my Yelp reviews, and blogging, it has all helped me sort out those blending memories. Now there are a couple of countries that did stand out, where the memories are not as blurred, and Slovenia was one them.

Greetings from Ljubljana!

This friendly and charming country was one of my favorites to dine and drink in, while I traveled through Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Everything from their fresh fish, desserts, traditional dishes, local produce to the Slovenian wines- everything was phenomenal. This country is a gastronome’s dream, and I truly enjoyed every bite and sip of Slovenia.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

I vowed to return to Slovenia because I wanted to explore more wine bars, and the wineries that cover the country side. There are other lovely towns and natural sights that interest me as well. Three days in Slovenia did not cover the beauty of this country, but it was a start.

From my first ever sips of Natural Orange Wine to the dreamy Bled Cream Cake with a fairy tale view- My list of “What I ate in SLOVENIA – A Food Journal”.


Two Rounds of Slovenian Carniolan

I enjoyed this smoked sausage so much that I had Carniolan twice within a three day period. If you enjoy smoked kielbasa sausage, this is something that you will enjoy while in Slovenia. Carniolan, which is typically served with fresh bread and mustard, is one of Slovenia’s traditional dishes, and can be found everywhere.

Both Carniolans were delicious, but I preferred the one at Zlata Ribica in Ljubljana.


Orange Wine Tasting in Ljubljana – Cin Cin!

Orange wines are well known throughout Slovenia, and have been in production in this country for a very long time. Although they are not as popular in other countries, orange wines have been gaining global attention over the last several years.

When I have spoken the words “orange wine”, the first thought of others is that the wine is made from oranges. I assure you that it is not, and it is made from white wine grapes, not citrus fruits. Orange wine is indeed a form of white wine, and is also called “natural wine”. Let me briefly explain it, as it was explained to me by the wine expert at Movia Wine Bar.

The country of Georgia is considered the birthplace of natural orange wine, dating back to 6000 BC. The wines were made and stored in large clay pots that were buried underground within a cool underground cellar. The orange color is created by leaving the skins on white grape wines during the fermenting process. As with any wine grapes, red or white, the coloring of the wine depends on how long the skins are left on during the maceration process.  Orange wine is made in a natural environment, with the older concepts of no pesticides or chemicals as well as being made in underground clay pots.

Movia Wine Bar offers various wine tastings and serves a beautiful magnificent cheese board to nosh on while sipping. The staff is very friendly and they enjoy sharing their knowledge with you- Cin Cin!

For location and Wine Bar information, please visit their website- MOVIA Wine Bar & Shop.

For my complete review – MOVIA Wine Bar and the Orange Wines of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dinner at Restavracija MOST

My first meal in Ljubljana was dinner at Restavarcija Most , with a glass of Slovenian Tilia Pinot Gris. As part of my Slovenian cuisine agenda, tasting their various wines offered was high on my list. There are many restaurants that offer delicious Slovenian wines for course pairing. This was great for keeping in with the continuity of the country’s wine, and food.

Restavarcija Most was an outstanding find. Their concept is to offer high quality dishes created with market fresh and local ingredients. If you enjoy fish as I do, MOST serves a selection of daily fresh fish accompanied with potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their official website – Restavarcija Most


Housemade Chicken Pate

If I see pate or foie gras on a menu, more than likely I will order it. You add the words “House made” in front of pate, then I will definitely order it. Such was the case when I was waiting for my bus to arrive in Lake Bled. I had just finished walking around the whole lake, which I highly recommend, and came across a cute restaurant named, Ostarija Babji Zob.


The words “housemade” or “homemade” are important for me because I know that it was not brought in from a corporate source. Plus more than likely, the dishes were created using local and organically sourced ingredients. Then made in small batches with care. As with this chicken pate, it was one of the best that I have tried. It was simple, fresh, and the texture was very nice. The plating was artistic and rustic, which just added to the ambiance of Lake Bled- Perfect.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their official website: Ostarija Babji Zob


Cream Cake, Rosé, Caffe and a Fairy Tale View

One of the dishes that was on my list to try was the traditional Bled Cream Cake, which is a lovely sweet and light dessert. I enjoyed every delicious layer of vanilla custard, cream, puff pastry, and powdered sugar. I paired it with a glass of Slovenian rosé, and finished it off with a shot of espresso. It all made for an exceptional Lake Bled experience.

As I was walking around the full lake, I saw signs for Café Belvedere which advertised the best views of the church and Bled Cream Cake. It sounded perfect, and it was perfect just as advertised. I suggest that you hold off on eating Bled cake until you get to Café Belvedere, it is worth the wait.

For café information and location- CAFE BELVEDERE in Bled

For my complete review – Café Belvedere | Cream Cake + Views of Lake Bled, Slovenia


A Very Delicious Seasonal Salad

Many times when you sit down at a restaurant in Eastern Europe or the Balkans, you will find just meat accompanied with a starchy side. I am not saying that it is impossible to find vegetables or salads, you just have to look through the menu a bit. Good produce is always seasonal, and so if you find it then order it. More than likely you will be treated to locally farmed produce that will taste exactly how vegetables are supposed to taste.


I found this Seasonal Salad with Pickled Cabbage at Ostarija Babji Zob, and ordered it to accompany my housemade chicken pate. It was light and proportioned well- fresh lettuce, corn kernels, tomato slices, beans, and pickled cabbage (kraut).

For restaurant information and location, please visit their official website: Ostarija Babji Zob 


I am a Caseophile

I am very self-aware that I am a “Caseophile”, a cheese lover. I stop and look at cheese. I eat cheese boards and charcuterie plates for a full meal. I get excited when I see cheeses from all over the world. I am a caseophile.

While in Ljubljana I tried a board of local, and Italian cheeses during my orange wine tasting because I am a caseophile. All the cheeses offered were wonderful especially the Italian parmesans dipped in local organic honey. Cheers to cheese!

For location and Wine Bar information, please visit their website- MOVIA Wine Bar & Shop.


Apricot croissant and a New Friend 

While sitting at an outdoor café, and having my breakfast of an apricot filled croissant with an additional side of apricot jam, this sweet dog laid down beside me. He was not a stray as his owners were at the next table, but he quickly became a sweet breakfast buddy. FYI – I am a huge dog person, and I think they know this.

This croissant was an apricot lovers dream. It was filled with a fresh apricot compote filling, which was very good. Then the café served it with a spoonful of apricot jam that did taste homemade.


Prekmurska Gibanica and Thieving Birds

I was not safe while eating my meal, and apple cake dessert as little thieving sparrows were picking off my plate! It was cute at first, but became such a nuisance that I had to hide behind the menu to eat my prekmurska gibanica. You do not see them but there are a couple of birds behind this menu.

Prekmurska gibanica

Prekmurska gibanica is a traditional Slovenian pastry cake with layers of apples, walnuts, raisins, and poppy seeds. It can be found everywhere in Slovenia, and it is very delicious- just ask the birds.

Hiding from the birds

Putting the birds aside, Restaurant Zlata Ribica where I had tried this delicious dessert also had indoor seating. I enjoyed every thing that I ordered from this upscale traditional restaurant in the heart of Ljubljana.

For location and restaurant information, please visit their official website –Restaurant Zlata Ribica .

For my complete review – https://shezlikethewind.com/2021/02/03/movia-wine-bar-and-the-orange-wines-of-ljubljana-slovenia/


Little Green Olives

While I was growing up, I did not care for olives because good quality olives or olive oils were not a regular household item pre-1990, even in Los Angeles. The common olives eaten in the States used to be black pitted olives that were put on pizza or Mexican food, as well as green olives placed in a martini. It was not into later years that I started trying higher quality olives at gourmet restaurants and delicatessens, that I grew a love for them.


I loved these beautiful green olives that were served along side my cheeseboard, and orange wine at MOVIA in Ljubljana. Fresh and local with the little stems still on them, very delicious.

For location and Wine Bar information, please visit their website- MOVIA Wine Bar & Shop.

For my complete review – MOVIA Wine Bar and the Orange Wines of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Bus Station Prosciutto and Cheese Sandwich


Is it me or does this bread look rather pale? I purchased this prosciutto and cheese sandwich from the Ljubljana bus station on the way to Lake Bled. I am thinking this may be par-baked, and it should have been pressed in a panini maker before handed to me. Oh well, It was still good and ate it anyways.


Sirovi Truklji

To taste local and traditional dishes in any country has always been on my to do list. It creates a full picture of the cultural scene- history, architecture, art, music, and its cuisine. As I was researching Slovenian foods, Sirovi Truklji caught my eye because it was a simple cottage cheese dumpling. In this part of Europe the crossover of various filled dumplings, or using cottage cheese in dishes is quite common. I wanted to try Slovenia’s rolled cottage cheese dumplings and found them in Ljubljana.


Sirovi Truklji is more of a sliced cheese roll, and is topped with browned bread crumbs sautéed in a lot of butter. I found it to be quite delicious, and not as heavy as it looks. I truly enjoyed the browned bread bits on the top too. You can find Sirovi Truklji in many traditional restaurants across Slovenia.

For location and restaurant information, please visit their official website –Restaurant Zlata Ribica .

For my complete review – Zlata Ribica | A classic restaurant in Ljubljana, Slovenia


Gin and Tonic to Start

Typically when I travel abroad I start off with a gin or vodka tonic when asked if I would like a beverage. I am not the typical American who will ask for a coke or soda, which is not a bad thing. Personally, I just do not drink regular soda, and my bubbles come in the form of tonic water.

Depending on the country, you may be drinking imported gin or vodka, but other times it is local. You can always ask if the menu looks confusing. For me, the best way of asking is “Tell me about your gin/ vodka?” “Is there anything made locally?” “What do you suggest?” No one will think of you as ignorant if you ask these questions, so get over it! If anything, it will make you look more inquisitive about their country. People love to talk about their local alcohol, or what they enjoy- Just ask.

For location and restaurant information, please visit their official website –Restaurant Zlata Ribica .


I Eat Cookies Like Cookie Monster

This is a fact. There are times where I am not the most graceful of eaters especially when there are no utensils or chopsticks around. Also, I just might get excited around cookies, and eat them like Cookie Monster.


I was on a very long bus ride from Slovenia to Slovakia, and bought a package of cookies. I looked down and saw crumbs, so many crumbs. I took a photo because I thought it was amusing, plus I tend to document everything.


I read; I travel; I become.

– Derek Walcott
Yours Truly in Slovenia

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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