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What I ate in SLOVAKIA – A Food Journal

The struggle was real! I was passing through Slovakia on the way to Prague and decided to spend one night in the beautiful old city of Bratislava. While I was there it became a struggle of ‘Should I wander’ vs. ‘Should I eat’. I only had about seven waking hours in Bratislava and the struggle was real.

Since I was in Bratislava for a short time, this food journal is just as short.

From noshing on an Amaretto Sundae at a 65+ year saloon to drinking a floral blossoming tea, my list on “What I ate in SLOVAKIA – A Food Journal”.


Vietnamese Food

One of my funny quirks is that I like to eat any type of Asian food while I travel, maybe once a week. While I was traveling through the Balkans I had not eaten any form of Asian food for almost a month. Then I came to Bratislava and knew that there would be a nice selection of Vietnamese food. I had been researching it while on the bus to Bratislava.

Similar to Prague, Bratislava has a fair representation of Vietnamese food and I found Bamboo SNP Restaurant to be very appetizing. The pho was delicious and the broth nicely seasoned. I loved the little shrimp dumplings too, everything was very tasty.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their Facebook page – Bamboo SNP


Ice Cream vs The Castle

This is where the Food vs. Sightseeing became a slight struggle. I was walking to Bratislava’s breathtaking castle when I serendipitously walked passed Luculus Ice Saloon, and read “Since 1954”. I swear to high heaven that I stopped in my tracks. Do I go to the castle or do I eat ice cream from a 65+ year old saloon? The choice was obvious. I figured that I would come back one day and visit the castle before I revisit Luculus, in that order.

My advice, if possible is to eat inside. A lot of people ‘sheep it’ and stand in the first line they see, when there are other obvious alternatives. I decided to sit inside Luculus because the line was quite long. There was barely anyone inside and the ice cream menu had the same items as outside plus more sundaes. I sat inside the very comfortable café and ate a very delicious Amaretto Sundae. This is definitely a place for you ice cream lovers.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Luculus Ice Saloon


Fabulous Beverages at Bamboo SNP

How does one not enjoy a colorful beverages in interesting containers? While lunching at Bamboo SNP in Bratislava, I ordered the fresh cucumber lemonade which was served in a vase shaped carafe. It was a refreshing and light accompaniment to my pho and dumplings.  After lunch, I ordered the hot blossoming tea which has always been a favorite of mine. If you have never ordered it, I recommend it. The visual of the dried flower unfolding in your tea pot is fun and when it blossoms that is your signal that tea is ready.

Bamboo SNP is a highly rated Vietnamese/ Thai restaurant in Bratislava. The food and beverages here are very delicious, I enjoyed everything. Also, there is a nice city view along one of the windowed walls.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their Facebook page – Bamboo SNP


Cheese Wheel

I had to break the wheel. It was tough to choose which one but I decided on the prosciutto flavored triangle. It was one of the more obvious flavors according to the labels. I knew one was red bell pepper flavor, but what were the other floral flavors all about? Asking for a friend.


I have come across these spreadable tin foil cheese throughout Europe and I do enjoy them during breakfast. They are very similar to our Laughing Cow Cheeses and come in a variety of flavors and shapes. If you visit my other food journals, you will see these cheeses pop up once in awhile.


Cappuccino – Good Bye For Now

How lovely my few hours were in Bratislava. I am looking forward to my re-visit and will stay longer than one night. Strolling through Old Town was very charming, the people were friendly and I still need to visit that breathtaking castle.


With love from Bratislava!

My heart topped cappuccino while I waited in the Bratislava’s bus station- How very sweet. I was headed off to Prague which was only a 3.5 hour drive away.  Until we meet again Slovakia! xoxo


🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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