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What I ate in POLAND – A Food Journal

I. LOVE. POLAND. I have visited a couple of times since 2015 and plan on re-visiting several more times, it is an amazing country. Although the food in Poland is interesting and a hit or miss when it comes to eating out. Fortunately there were more hits than misses. I will say that the food is much better now than when I first visited five years ago- that is always a good thing!

From perogies to chimney cakes, here is my “What I ate in POLAND – A Food Journal”


The Kielbasa Van in Krakow

The famous blue Kielbasa Van has to be Poland’s first food truck. The same two men in white coats have been grilling kielbasa outside this blue old communist van since 1997. I thought it was the coolest thing to eat while in Krakow. Not only for the story but for the popping skinned sausages that were cooked over an open fire. It was the very reason that I went back to Krakow.

I have been wanting to go to this Kielbasa Van since I read about it in 2015 and I finally made it in 2019. Why the long wait? Read my post on my mishap which brought me back to Poland so I could eat kielbasa from this van. ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป โ†’ The Kielbasa Van in Krakow, Poland – Will Travel For Food


Cabbage, Mushroom and Onion Perogies in Warsaw

Not my first time to have perogies but my first time to eat Polish perogies in Poland! Many countries have their version of perogies which is a filled dumpling similar to ravioli or gyoza. The perogi is Eastern Europe’s version and Poland makes delicious dumplings.

Perogies at Warsaw Castle

I ordered this perogi dish at the castle in Warsaw and it was filled with cabbage, mushroom and onion. They were very tender and savory, I enjoyed them very much. This also was the moment that I realized how inexpensive Poland was. My whole meal including a bottle of sparkling water was just over $4.00 USD (back in 2015).  I had to double check my calculations and it was amazing food quality for amazing prices!


Chimney Cake Bakery in Krakow

I was walking back to my hotel from the Kielbasa Van and did a double take when I saw the Chimney Cake Bakery- I had just found my dessert. I love chimney cakes and have eaten them throughout Eastern Europe. Now the chimney cakes from this location were much nicer than the ones that I have tried before, plus the Chimney Cake Bakery had many other options.

Chimney cakes are made by winding thin dough around spindles and baked while spinning. Then they are then filled with different flavorings or stuffed with ice cream.

Filled with vanilla cream and pistachios

The chimney cake may be new in the United States but it has been in Eastern Europe for quite awhile. The first time I had it was in the Czech Republic several years ago and I liked it very much. Although it tastes different from vendor to vendor, this version was definitely a level up.

For information and my Yelp Review: Read Trixie N.‘s review of Chimney Cake Bakery on Yelp 

For bakery information – Chimney Cake Bakery (remember to click translate)


Breakfast at Restauracja Sukiennice in Krakow

These crepes came right after I flew in from Berlin, checked into my hotel and walked into Old Town- it was only 10:00 AM! I had a very early start in the day and very hungry.  You travelers know that combined feeling of hunger, grogginess and I have to keep going! So it was a lot Americano (black coffee) with crepes and fruit at a very touristy restaurant in Market Square. It was worth it for the view and to get a grip that I was back in Krakow!

For restaurant information and my review:
Read Trixie N.‘s review of Restauracja Sukiennice on Yelp


Polish Bagel in Krakow

This bagel was as tough as the look of the sweet lady who I bought it from. She was not smiling which is normal in this part of the world, that did not bother me. This bagel on the other hand was hard and dry or maybe it was not what I was used to.  I will be fair though, I purchased this  bagel in the late afternoon and it only cost me about 45ยข USD. I got what I paid for and yes, I did eat it all.


Meat Filled Perogies from Pierogarnia Krakowiacy

There is a famous perogi restaurant in Krakow that I recommend that you go to. If you are in Old Town Market, it is on a side street off the main square and called Pierogarnia Krakowiacy. The perogi selection ranges from vegetarian to meat and they are delicious.


It is a very cute restaurant, a bit touristy but the food is great as well as the prices.

For restaurant information and my Yelp review: Read Trixie N.‘s review of Pierogarnia Krakowiacy on Yelp

Restaurant info:  Pierogarnia Krakowiacy-   Address: ul. Szewska 23, 31-009 Krakow


Dessert and Coffee at Tamka 43 in Warsaw

I literally stumbled across Tamka 43 after I visited the Chopin Museum in Warsaw, as it is right across the way. Honestly, I remember how excited I was to have this Blackberry Nougat Cake because it was the first civilized treat I had in days of traveling. It is a long story and one day I might tell you but Tamka 43 was a Godsend! The dessert was light, perfect and sprinkled with espresso powder.

Coffee and Blackberry Nougat Cake

Tamka 43 is recommended in the Michelin Star Guide Book and is a lovely place to dine before or after a visit to the Fryderyk Chopin Museum.

Restaurant information and Facebook Page โ†’  Tamka 43


Lunch at Hawelka in Krakow

When I choose a restaurant in a city, I usually gravitate to the oldest rather than the trendiest. Then after I eat at the oldest, I may consider the trendy option. Hawelka in Krakow is the oldest running restaurant in Old Town. It was on my top priority list of things to do while in Krakow and got it done on my first day.

Hawelka Restaurant has been operational since 1876, even through both World Wars and communist times. The food is excellent and offers traditional Polish dishes in an upscale atmosphere. The Porcini Mushroom Soup served in their Bread Bowl is one of their favorite menu items and it was very good. I also had the chocolate torte for dessert which rounded off the meal very nicely. A restaurant with great history and great food is always worth going to.

For more information please go to – Hawelka Restaurant official website


French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup has been my global obsession for a very long time. I have been downing this cheese ladened soup for thirty years only because it is perfection in a lion faced bowl!

I had this bowl of French Onion Soup on my last visit to Poland as I was staying at the Marriott across the way from the Chopin Airport. This was an excellent bowl and went nicely with my Halloumi Bacon salad (see below).


Lunch at Courtyard Marriott Warsaw Airport

Sipping on a Courtyard Ice Tea, noshing on a halloumi bacon salad and French onion soup inside a Courtyard Marriott- not bad! I have been to many Courtyard Marriotts because I work my points and I will admit that some are better than others. This location had excellent food, it was a lot better than the ones in the States. I especially loved both the salad and soup- very filling and very delicious!

For hotel information and my Yelp review: Read Trixie N.‘s review of Courtyard by Marriott Warsaw Airport on Yelp


Room Service at Warsaw Marriott Hotel

Yes. I enjoy room service but who doesn’t? Especially when you are tired as hell and do not want to get dressed again for dinner. This delicious herbed chicken with red wine risotto and arugula was enjoyed while wearing my pajamas and watching Polish TV. I honestly had no motivation to go anywhere because I had finished a full day of exploring Warsaw. That was after an overnight bus from Prague with barely any sleep, so this chicken and risotto was absolutely amazing.


For hotel information and reservations, please visit their official site- Warsaw Marriott Hotel


Mini Grzeski Candy Bar

If you have ever traveled with me then you know my fascination with candy bars and chocolate from other countries. So when I was offered a chocolate bar that I have not yet tried, I was very excited- no lies! Thank you LOT Polish Air.


Mini Grzeski is a wafer chocolate bar and is quite popular in Poland. I have noticed that many countries in Europe love chocolate bars made with light wafers, which would be similar to a Kit Kat Bar. I find it fun to try different sweets in other countries, just to see what types of candy makes them smile.


๐ŸŒŽ Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

๐Ÿ“ธAll photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property

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