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What I ate in ITALY – Noshing in Venice, Milan and Verona

DELIZIOSO! While in Italy, I had a brief tasting of the food offered in the Northern cities of Venice, Milan, and Verona. I understand there is more to authentic Italian food than what I ate, and have listed. That is why I am looking forward to more exploration of the food culture throughout the whole country of Italy, and just waiting for my return.

As for now here is my tasting of Northern Italy- From pasta to gelato, “What I ate in ITALY – Noshing in Venice, Milan and Verona’


A Heavy Lunch at Harry’s Bar in Venice

Historical restaurants are always on my hot list when I choose dining experiences when traveling. Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy is about 90 years old, and opened in 1931. It is the home of the first Peach Bellini, which I also did try. It has been a favorite haunt for the A-Listers of years back, including several of my favorites such as Hemmingway, Peggy Guggenheim, Gary Cooper, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Katherine Hepburn .

When I visited Harry’s Bar, I was eating solo and had an incredible experience.  I dined on Saffron Tagliatelle with ham, lots of bread, and the original Peach Bellini.

To read my FIVE START Yelp Review and restaurant information Read Trixie N.‘s review of Harry’s Bar on Yelp

For restaurant information please visit Harry’s Bar website


Chocolate Torte

After my full and flavorful lunch with the original Peach Bellini, my incredible server offered me a slice of delicious chocolate torte on the house. How amazing and hospitable is this place? Love you, Harry’s Bar. ❤

Harry’s Bar was a perfect dining experience in Venice -from head to toe.

To read my FIVE START Yelp Review and restaurant information Read Trixie N.‘s review of Harry’s Bar on Yelp

For restaurant information please visitHarry’s Bar website


Gelato at Gelati Nico

Gelato Nico is the the oldest gelateria in Venice. It is considered as one of the best gelatos in Venice, and I did enjoy my scoops of pistachio and melon. I especially loved the melon, it was light and refreshing on that hot Venice day.

Pistachio and Melon – Gelati Nico

For more information on hours and location, please visit their Facebook Page – Gelateria Nico a Venezia


The Original Peach Bellini

As I mentioned in my above post of Harry’s Bar, the beloved Peach Bellini originated at this lovely historic restaurant in Venice. There are debates if it is the best bellini around, but there is no debate that this is where it all started.

If you come to Venice, I recommend that you visit the famous Harry’s Bar, even if it is to sit with a Peach Bellini.

To read my FIVE START Yelp Review and restaurant information Read Trixie N.‘s review of Harry’s Bar on Yelp

For restaurant information please visit Harry’s Bar website


Dinners in Our Venice Flat

We decided to rent a flat in the middle of Venice, and it was such an excellent idea.  My daughter loved the charming space, including the full kitchen. The advantage of renting a flat in cities like Venice or Paris, is that you can cook meals with local ingredients. We shopped at a local grocery store, then my daughter used her cooking skills to create a couple of delicious meals.

The benefits of having a kitchen, and cooking with local ingredients. My daughter prepared spaghetti in a savory meat sauce with local parmesan cheese, plus fresh baked bread from a local bakery. Another hearty meal she put together was tortellini and pesto sauce, and fresh bruschetta with local produce.


Chocolate, Pistachio and Pine Nut Cookie

These beautiful cracked light green cookies became my obsession while in Venice. They were absolutely divine. I loved everything about them from the pine nuts, pistachio, and melty chocolate inside.


‘Obsession. You’re my obsession.’


Mushroom Tortellini Alfredo with Ham

Pasta and more pasta! There is nothing like eating freshly made pasta in Italy, and it is everywhere. This was another of my favorites from a restaurant that was a couple of streets from our flat in Venice.


These house made tortellini was filled with mushroom and cheese, and it was tender and savory. The Alfredo sauce was creamy and fresh, and I enjoyed the little bits of ham because it did not overpower the dish. DELIZIOSO!  Additionally, the presentation on the glass plate was beautiful. It gave the creamy pasta an appearance of floating above the table.


Chinese Food in Verona

If you know how I eat, you know that I like to throw in some type of Asian food during my travels. I think it is the combination of wanting to eat something different, and a curiosity of another country’s interpretation of Asian food.

Ham Fried Rice and Chicken with Nuts

While in Verona, we came across a Chinese restaurant along a small street. It was a ‘Let’s do it’ type of moment. I was also curious on how Chinese food interprets in Italy. It was just okay. I think it could have used more flavor, but I suppose that was what the sauces and spices on the table were for. I am still curious about other Asian restaurants that are in Italy though. I certainly will not judge it as a whole, from this one experience.


Pizza with Hotdogs(?)


Things that happen and are said when you eat take-away pizza from a train station in Verona, Italy.

Daughter: “Are those hot dogs on your pizza?”

Me: “No, it said sausage pizza”

Daughter: “I think those ARE hot dogs!”

Me: <Takes bite> “I think these are hot dogs”

No lies though, this hot dog- sausage slice was not too bad.


Seafood Paella in Milan

Although Paella is a Spanish dish, you can find it in many countries throughout Europe. This paella I had for lunch was from a cafeteria style restaurant close to the Central Station. It was pretty good for what it was, where we ate it, and the price we paid.


Truthfully, this rice dish was not that bad due to the generous amount of seafood that was given. The flavors were nice, although I have tried much better paella in my lifetime.


Sandwich and Fries – A Memory Trigger

This is one of those meals that is very common in any country. So common that we do not take photos of it. As a traveler and memory documenter for decades, photos like this are quite important for me. Common photos like this become a trigger of where I was, and who I was with. 


I recall eating this sandwich in a typical restaurant in Milan that was quite nice and trendy looking. I was with my daughter who was 18 at the time, and she had just finished getting over a 24 hour fever. She stayed in the hotel room while I wandered the city. I brought her a pizza (see next photo), and after she felt better went out for a quick bite. That quick bite was this sandwich and fries for me, not sure what she ate but I remember what lead to it.  Sometimes travel is not all rainbows and unicorns, but it is still part of the journey. *Note to self: Keep taking food photos of common food


Takeaway Pizza but That Box!

I believe the pizza inside was a Margarita, and ‘I think’ it was good but I was more fascinated by the box. I brought the pizza back to my daughter who was in our Milan hotel room, and recovering from a 24 hour fever. We both fell in love with the Ariel like mermaid accepting a gift of a pizza from an Italian suitor.


Honestly, I wanted to take this box home or at least the top of it. As you can see there was a tomato sauce spot on the other side, and that was a no go for me. We were still traveling, and I did not want my luggage smelling like pizza. Then again, I could have wiped it off with soap and water, dried it, and wrapped in plastic. Oh well, at least I have a picture.


Fierce Competition

Well first of all, I would not eat food at a Tobacco Shop in Milan, but thank you for the warning! I found this sign quite funny because I wondered what prompted the owners of this restaurant to inform the public of their neighbors microwavable food.

Ruthless competition

BTW… I think this is where I had that sandwich and fries from a couple posts prior.


The best way to know a city is to eat it…

– Scott Westerfield
Yours Truly in Torcello-Venice

🌎 Thank you for reading my blog and NEVER STOP EXPLORING

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property

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