Oia, Greece – Those Magical Sunsets

I love the magic of Oia- the white stone homes overlooking the blue sea, the meandering  pathways that lead through the cliffside village and her magnificent sunsets. It is an incredible place to be but if I could do it over again (which I will), I would visit her differently.

When we visited the island of Santorini we stayed in the main town of Fira (Thira) which is also a lovely place, I do not have anything bad to say about it. I understand the logistics of Fira being close to the Old Port and where a lot of the action is. At this stage of the game, I would rather spend my time staying and playing where those beautiful sunsets go down.

As we walked through the village of Oia, it seemed more tranquil even with all the tourists who came in to watch the sunset. We were one of those many tourists who were crammed into the public buses, only to get crammed again in a bus to go back to Fira. I wanted to stay in Oia, wake up in Oia and go to sleep in Oia. The energy is very different from Fira and I vibed with it better. Next time I decide to go to Santorini, I will be waking up in Oia. Next time I write a blog post on Oia, I will be going to sleep in Oia!

Those Magnificent Sunsets

The sunsets are everything that you hoped it to be. I have watched the sun go down in many countries and Oia has one of the best. The beauty of it all is the location and your surroundings. The way the crowds of people are in a unison hush as the big golden sun touches the sea. Then the applauds of sunset lovers as it finally disappears into the water. It is magnificent. It is magic. I will do it again but this time I will stay awhile in Oia.


It will get crowded especially during the summer months. My advice is to get there early, possibly in the afternoon and have an early dinner. Scout out a spot and stay there, this works well if you are with another person and you can come and go. Make sure that you are in a public space and not watching from someone’s private balcony though. Enjoy!

Getting to Oia

Depending on how you travel there are different ways to get to Oia from Fira.

If you plan on taking public transportation, there are public buses that leave from Fira’s bus station for about €2. Note that in the summer months the buses can get very crowded and you may have to stand the whole journey. There are also ferry’s from the Port of Athinios to that will bring you to Oia.

However you get to Oia and however long you stay, just enjoy those magical sunsets!


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