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A Day in Delphi | A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Fancy a trip to the Center of the Universe?

Delphi was once considered the center of the universe and is one of Ancient Greece’s most important archaeological sites. It is the home to Apollo’s Oracle which was famous in the Greek world and beyond (other civilizations). On certain days of the year a priestess would answer questions to those who visited Delphi, to help guide people and their future decisions. I assume it would be like an intuitive, wise woman or psychic by today’s standards.


Delphi is a magical place, not only due to the Oracle but for the stunning surroundings. When we drove to and past Delphi, I felt the draw to come back and stay at one of the resorts or little villages. I love mountains (Earth sign) so being surrounded by the rockfaces of Delphi, made me feel grounded and peaceful. The ‘Center of the Universe’ is located on the side of a rockface and in-between a mountainous valley. It is beautiful and worth the time investment to visit.


The Road to Delphi

Whether you hire a car, take the bus or do a day tour the drive to Delphi is a long one. With light traffic you are looking at about 2 hours 45 minutes to 3 hours.  Delphi is approximately 115 miles from Athens and the drive there is lovely. The scenery is very peaceful with mountain views and small towns dotting the hillside.

I decided to take a group day tour that I booked from that left from Athens. It was pricier than taking the bus but I felt it would be easier to have it all coordinated before I left. It was well worth the money as we had a knowledgeable guide, admission was taken care of and we had lunch at a nice restaurant.


Preparing for Delphi

For the majority of us, we see photos of Delphi and automatically think sturdy walking shoes, casual clothes and a sun hat. You are correct! That is what you should wear but that is not the reality for others. Common sense is not really so common. If you decide to wear a skirt or a dress that is fine, put on yoga shorts underneath just in case it gets windy. Also dress in layers because the weather can change quickly. I visited in October and it was cool in the morning but by noon, it was very warm. I ended up removing my cardigan and rolled up my pants to my knees. Do not forget to bring sun protection and COMFORTABLE SHOES!


Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia

The Temple of Athena is another archaeological site that was part of Delphi and dates back to 7th Century BC.  It is across the road from the main site of Delphi and is a quick trek down to the ancient ruins.

This temple was considered the first stop that visitors who traveled by foot would arrive to. It is astounding to think how long and far these ancient travelers would walk in order to visit Delphi!


Delphi Archaeology Museum

The museum of Delphi is one of the most visited and one of Greece’s principal museums. It houses astounding archaeological finds from Delphi which date back from the Mycenean era to the Byzantines.

Visiting the museum ties everything together seeing the friezes, artwork and statues that once adorned Delphi.


Villa Symposium Restaurant Delphi

After visiting Delphi, we had lunch at a lovely Greek restaurant close to the archaeological site, Villa Symposium. We tried different Greek dishes and everything was delicious.  It was a nice comfortable retreat after a day discovering Delphi.

They serve tour groups but also individual visitors from lunch time until late night. Please check their Facebook Page for more information – Villa Symposium Restaurant & Café


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