The Ancient Healing Art of REIKI – Answers to Common Questions Asked.


A bit about my experience with Reiki – I have been a Reiki Master and teacher for several years working with numerous clients near and far. I have also taught many people with different belief systems the art of Reiki healing. The most beautiful thing that I have seen are the changes in how my students and clients open up to the magic around them. My students have applied this form of energy work into their belief system or used it as a base to other holistic healing work.  It has been a foundation block of my own energy work and how I manifest and help heal others.

In the past decade, Reiki has become more popular and may be considered a New Age -Hippie Dippie – Trendy concept to some. In reality, Reiki is not new! It is an ancient form of Tibetan healing that was lost and found again last century. I truely believe it has been reintroduced to help the future generations move forward in enlightenment and relieve the stresses our world creates for us. We are a tired and frightened generation due to media, long work hours and the stresses of not keeping up with others. We are loosing sight of what is most important in our personal journey.

For those who have encountered the wonders of Reiki Energy work you understand the benefits. There is clarity afterwards, you are more relaxed and you start opening up to healing. Reiki has now been incorporated with other uses such as facials and yoga because Reiki is flexible and free flowing. It is direct life energy which is beneficial to so many practices.

For those who have never had a session, I do understand your hesitation and doubt. People need something tangible, they need to see or touch something in order for it to be true. The idea of a Reiki Practioner or Master placing hands above you while you lay there may sound hokey. You are told that invisible life energy flows through the practitioner’s hands, into your chakras and you will have some type of healing. Then to top it off, you are told that you do not have to be in the presence of a Reiki Practitioner in order to have a healing.  That distance Reiki is possible and you can be in another city, state or country! How is this possible? No way!

It is possible and let me tell you why…


Answers to common questions that I have been asked regarding Reiki:

  1. What is Reiki? The long of the short of it, Reiki is Universal Life Force. It is what keeps every living being on this planet alive. It is the energy that plants, animals and humans thrive on that keeps us alive. Have you ever seen someone who passed? There is no energy in them, their life force is gone. When we maintain healthy Universal Life Force (positive energy) we feel the benefits in our emotional, spiritual and physical well being . We have clarity on what needs to be done and we let go of what is holding us back. Reiki – Universal Life Force is essential for our own personal healing.

2. How does Reiki move from the practitioner to the client? A certified Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master has been attuned and taught the practice from a Reiki Master/ Teacher.  With an attunement, the palm chakras are opened and the student has direct connection with the life force. During a session, Reiki is channeled through the practitioner, through the hands and into the client. Since a true Reiki Master/ Practioner is considered a conduit none of their karma is transferred into the client. Plus the Reiki Master/ Practitioner is filled with reiki so it becomes beneficial for them too. The practioner works around the client, working on the chakras and using their own intuition to find where the healing needs to happen.

3. How does Reiki heal? Everything is energy. Positive or negative energy, everything is energy. Over time, we all hold a certain amount of negative energy due to life trauma, loss or daily stress. It can create fear, distrust, anger or physical ailments. Unfortunately, when this occurs we start vibrating on a lower energy level.  Negative energy and mentality affects the way we view the world and our daily decisions, which in turn can cause negative situations in our lives. Our minds can become clouded with negativity and so can our judgements. How we think- negative or positive – has a direct impact on the decisions that we make and the opportunities presented to us.

Since Reiki is intelligent life force sent from the powers that be, it knows exactly how to heal and where to go. The client and practitioner can set intentions prior to the session such as clarity, physical pain, stress relief, letting go of a hurtful situation, etc. With those intentions in mind, Reiki energy starts breaking down the negative energy that we hold.

Reiki, the Universal Life Force, is love sent from the powers that be and is one of the highest vibrational energy.  Anger, fear, violence, self hate are of the lowest vibrations and they are what we call ‘negative energy’.

Love triumphs over all, so breaking down of the negative energy is not difficult for Reiki.  After one or several sessions, depending on the healing needed, the client starts having clarity of mind. Letting go of situations and forgiveness of others and self becomes easier. Just that one gesture of letting go can start a chain reaction of personal healing and growth.


4. What happens to the negative energy? Physics states that energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transmuted or changed. Reiki follows that same law of physics. A Reiki practitioner/ Master pulls the broken down negative energy. Since it is broken down, the energy is easier to manipulate and depending on the healer’s style they will transmute it. The Reiki healer can either push it down into earth or give it to the heavens. They will ask Mother Earth or the powers that be to recycle or transmute it into positive energy.

5. Will I be safe in a session? YES! I once read this blog from a very religious person believing that he was afraid that during a Reiki session unknown spirits may be channeled and into the client. I know this is a question to some but a true lightworker will only work with the highest vibration. Remember fear, negativity and malicious spirits are on the the lower scale of vibrations. Any true lightworker will only work with the higher vibrations of love, light, healing, angels, guides, goddesses, etc.

We also work with various forms protection for ourselves and our clients. Why would we want to channel anything negative inside of us and into the client? It would turn our spiritual world upside down and everything we worked for will be harder to get back. A TRUE lightworker knows the difference between both vibrations and should never deal with lower vibrations. You will be safe.


6. What is the difference between a Reiki Practitioner and Master? The difference is one is a Student and the other is a Teacher. A Reiki Practitioner is still a student working with a Reiki Master. They have been attuned to the energy flow, have their palm chakras opened and are working with a few Reiki symbols.

A Reiki Master has worked through all four levels of Reiki, works with additional symbols and is certified to teach the art of Reiki.

Depending on who is available to you, a Practitioner or Master, you will still feel the benefits. Although a Reiki Master will have more experience and understanding since they have the ability to teach.

7. How does Distance Healing work? Here is the question that everyone asks. How is it possible for the Reiki Healer to be in California but the client in Spain? I get asked this a lot and this is the answer I always give.

There is no true space and time, it is just in the mind. It is something that we work with on this plane, Earth. With that thought held, a lightworker will go into a meditation and clear the world around them. They will connect with the client’s energy through intuition just as if the client were in front of them. The healer can work on the client as if they were right in front of them. For me, distant healing has always been easier because I feel that I am in full focus and concentration. The client will go into a meditative state and receive the same benefits as if they were in the healer’s presence.

This is a leap of faith in the mind of many people, especially those who I mentioned that need something tangible. It is the understanding that what we experience in this world is spiritual in nature and goes beyond seeing and touching.

I hope this answers questions or reinforces your beliefs on holistic healing, Reiki and lightworkers. Blessings!

Trixie Navarre is a natural intuitive, spiritualist and holistic healer. From a young age she was able to feel energy around her including departed spirits. She is also a natural astral traveler which has helped her with intuitive distant readings/ healing sessions.  Over the decades she has fine tuned her craft using tarot and oracle cards, crystals, candles, MHz/ Vibration, color healing, etc. Trixie also works with spirit guides/ Angels and has helped others connect with their own guides. She also studied at the School of Metaphysics in Columbia, Missouri in 2008.

Trixie has been a Reiki Master since 2013 and has taught others this ancient art of healing. Reiki work has been a foundation of her current energy healing work for others and herself. She uses Reiki along with other forms of holistic healing and tools to help raise the vibration of others and herself.

Trixie  is currently not taking new clients or students although she works with a selected few. Helping them along their spiritual journey towards enlightenment. If you are needing a distant healing or reading, comment below and she will direct you to other lightworkers who may help.



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