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This is where TRAVEL, FOOD, CULTURE and SPIRITUALITY connect! How does that happen?  Spirituality and traveling go hand in hand. Both move a person towards enlightenment and their own evolution. Food is part of travel and a region’s own cultural background. Culture such as music, theater, art is what separates us from the animals and makes us more civilized. It is what we strive for as an evolving society, well that is how I see things.

I am a Holistic Healer-Reiki Master and live by Universal Laws in order to create my reality. That reality is living the best life that I can create and share my experiences with others- we are all connected. I am always grateful for the experiences that I have been blessed with. We create who we are and what abundance falls upon us…

Feel free to explore my content of REAL reviews, ‘Top Lists’ of cities or countries, best things to eat, spiritual thoughts as a holistic healer and how it all works together.

I wish for you to create your love and abundance of travel, food and culture. May you live the magic of your own personal journey and never stop exploring!

*Keep checking for weekly posts!

~ Blessings,  Trixie ‘She’z Like The Wind’



















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